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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions govern all entry to Twominds Festival and all content, services, and products available through the festival, including, but not limited to, entertainment, camping, licensed areas, food vendors and markets.

By purchasing a Ticket and attending Twominds Festival you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:


“Accreditation” means any form of Wristband or other identification provided by the Organiser for the purpose of identifying artists, performers, and other persons granted access by the Organiser for the purpose of facilitating the Event.

“Organiser” means Twominds Entertainment Limited, together with its officers, agents, and contractors.

“Ticket Holder(s)” or “Attendee(s)” means any person having purchased Tickets to the Event through the Organiser’s designated sales agent(s) or have otherwise received Tickets from the Organiser to the Twominds Festival 2024.

“Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions contained in this document and any other terms and conditions already communicated to Attendees by Twominds Entertainment Limited, and reference to “Terms” and “Terms of Entry” have corresponding meanings.

“Ticket(s)” means tickets sold by the Organiser and which permit the Ticket Holder entry to the Twominds Festival.

“Twominds Festival” means the Event organised by the Organiser to which these Terms and Conditions apply, and “Event” and “Festival” have corresponding meanings.

“Wristband” means a wristband provided to each Attendee upon entry to the Event.


The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time, and any changes will be deemed to take effect when they are published on the Twominds Festival website.

The Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Tickets will be available through Flicket Pty Limited or other designated sales agent(s). If the Terms and Conditions of the designated sales agent conflict or contradict these Terms and Conditions or other policy applying to the Twominds Festival, these Terms and Conditions will prevail and apply.

The artist line-up and any other announced performers are subject to change at any time without notice. However, the Organiser will endeavour to announce any significant changes through social media or on the Twominds Festival Website or other Twominds social media accounts.


All Attendees on the Event site must have appropriate and legitimate identification for the Event such as a valid Ticket, Wristband or Accreditation. Wristbands and other forms of Accreditation that are removed, tampered with, and lost will not be replaced and any attempt to do so by any person will result in the removal of that person from the Festival.

R18 event and in accordance with New Zealand liquor licensing laws Attendees may only enter the Event by presenting and holding the following valid forms of identification:

  • Current HAINZ 18+ ID Card

  • Current New Zealand Drivers Licence

  • Current Passport

In accordance with Smoke-Free Regulations, Attendees must comply with signage prohibiting smoking (including e-cigarettes) in designated areas. Attendees must comply with signage such as “Smoke Free” or “No Smoking” indicating that smoking is prohibited in certain areas.

Attendees are responsible for acquiring and using ear protection devices or taking other protective measures as required to prevent damage to hearing from loud music or other sounds at the Festival. The Organiser accepts no liability for any hearing loss suffered at the event.

All Attendees on site must comply with all official directives in the event of emergency situations or evacuation. Attendees must comply with instructions from Festival Staff and Emergency Services. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry, immediate removal, or referral to New Zealand Police.

Any attempts by an Attendee to imitate security, staff, or other personnel will be considered a serious offence and the party will be immediately ejected from the event, without refund.


These Terms and Conditions, and any subsequent direction by the Organiser, apply in full to all areas of the Event: the festival site, the grounds of the Spencer Beach Holiday Park, and carpark areas. Violation of any of these Terms and Conditions may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand police if deemed appropriate. No refund will be provided in these circumstances.

There will be no admittance into the Event without a valid Ticket or Accreditation.

All attendees must comply with the directives of the Organiser. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand police if deemed appropriate.

Twominds Festival reserves the right to make all Tickets non-transferable.

All Tickets are non-refundable.

Twominds Festival accepts no responsibility or liability for any inconvenience caused by the unauthorised duplication of a Ticket. Any sharing or duplicating of Tickets is prohibited and invalid or duplicated Tickets will not be valid or allow entry.

The name on the Ticket must be the name on the Ticket Holder’s identification.

Twominds Festival Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media, or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior permission of the Organiser.

Attendance is at the Ticket holder’s own risk. Twominds Festival and Twominds Entertainment Limited will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the Event including damage, theft or loss of property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the Ticket Holder’s negligence or the unforeseeable actions of third parties including other Attendees, Contractors or other third parties. The Organiser will not be responsible or liable for any action, loss, injury, accident or damage that occurs outside the Festival site or, in particular, on any nearby beach area.

The Organiser promotes safe behaviour and wants to provide a safe environment for all Attendees. Any form of harassment, threatening behaviour, antisocial behaviour, or discriminatory act including homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism or other activity that harms another is strictly prohibited at the Event. Any Attendee found to be posing a risk to others will be removed from the site.


Camping at the Festival is provided by Spencer Beach Holiday Park and Attendees wishing to use the campground facilities must adhere at all times to the relevant rules, directions and terms and conditions enforced by the Organiser and Spencer Beach Holiday Park.

The following non-exhaustive list of behaviour is prohibited at all times for the duration of the Event:

  • Anti-social or threatening behaviour to other Festival attendees or staff or behaviour in violation of the conditions of entry which intend to ensure the safety of Attendees;

  • Construction or attempts to do so of any form of fire, bonfire or naked flame;

  • Impersonating a member of staff or security;

  • Attempts to enter restricted areas;

The following items are prohibited from the campground area:

  • No use or possession of illicit drugs or illegal substances;

  • No fireworks;

  • No weapons;

  • No gang patches or gang affiliated clothing;

  • No lasers;

  • No glass; or

  • Any other dangerous items.

Attendees must allow the Organiser or other authorised personnel to search their vehicles, clothes, bags, containers or other possessions for any prohibited items. The Organiser reserves the right to confiscate any potentially harmful items or substances at its discretion.


Tickets are non-refundable.

The Organiser reserves the right to make alterations to the time, duration, line-up and in the event of unforeseen or other circumstances, including (but without limitation) Force Majeure, dangerous weather, pandemic, safety and security concerns or decisions from authorised persons or other competent authority. In the event of such alteration neither the Organiser or the Organiser's official ticket agent will be liable to the Ticket Holder or any other person for any costs, expenses or other losses resulting from such alteration.


Filming and photography are permitted throughout the Festival site for personal use. Any filming or photography must be carried out respectfully and respect the privacy of other Attendees.

Filming and photography for commercial or sponsorship purposes must only be undertaken with the prior written approval provided by Twominds Entertainment Limited. Contravention of this condition of entry may result in the filming or photography equipment used being confiscated and the Attendee may be removed from the Festival.

Photography is restricted or prohibited in certain areas such as welfare, medical and security areas and any other area where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Attendees may be filmed, photographed, and recorded for television, feature films, radio, webcast, and other public broadcasts and by security cameras and recordings for safety and security purposes. Attendees permit the Organisers to use photographs and film material taken at the Festival in any publicity, marketing, or promotional materials.

Twominds Festival will not use any photographs or material recorded or filmed at the Festival in a way which breaches a person’s privacy or causes harm. For more information, refer to the Twominds Festival Privacy Policy.


Pictures and content contained on our websites are the property of Twominds Festival and may not be duplicated or used without written and explicit consent provided by Twominds Entertainment Limited.






“Ticket Holder(s)” or “Attendee(s)” means any person having purchased Tickets to the Event through the Organiser’s designated sales agent(s) or have otherwise received Tickets from the Organiser to the Twominds Festival 2024.

“Twominds Festival” means the Event organised by the Organiser to which these Terms and Conditions apply, and “Event” and “Festival” have corresponding meanings.


Twominds Entertainment Limited reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy and any changes will be deemed to take effect when they are published on the Twominds Festival website. This Privacy Policy outlines how Twominds Entertainment Limited intends to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020.

Twominds Entertainment Limited will collect personal information from attendees for the purpose of organising and promoting the Twominds Festival. Personal information may also be collected to provide goods and services, including access to the Twominds Festival, and for promotional, marketing and security purposes.

When using the Twominds Festival website (or any other website associated with Twominds Entertainment Limited including the website of any designated ticket sales agent), and therefore agreeing to the applicable Terms and Conditions, Attendees permit Twominds Entertainment Limited to collect personal information provided when purchasing a ticket(s) to the event. Attendees also agree TwoMinds Entertainment Limited may contact them in the future for customer feedback, marketing purposes, or in relation to other events.


Twominds Entertainment Limited will endeavour to ensure any personal information it holds will be reasonably protected from loss, misuse, or unauthorised disclosures to third parties.

Twominds Entertainment Limited may collect the following personal information:

  • Photographs and film taken at the Festival for marketing and promotional purposes;

  • CCTV recordings of the Festival site for security purposes or as required by Police or any other government agency;

  • Information relating to an Attendee’s identity and contact information (full name, date of birth, address, email address, and phone number);

  • Information gathered from Attendees when contacting Twominds Entertainment Limited or requesting goods and services from Twominds Entertainment Limited;

  • Bank details and payment information for the provision of goods and services; and

  • Other forms of personal information that Twominds Entertainment Limited is required to collect pursuant to applicable laws.

Consent to Twominds Entertainment Limited’s collection and use of an Attendee’s personal information may be withdrawn.

Attendees can request to unsubscribe from Twominds Entertainment Limited’s marketing communication by contacting


Attendees have a right under the Privacy Act 2020 to view and correct any personal information held about them by Twominds Entertainment Limited. Twominds Entertainment Limited will endeavour to use the safeguards provided for in the Privacy Act 2020 to make sure private information is only disclosed to, and used for communication by, individuals or entities as specified in these terms and conditions.

The Privacy Act 2020 entitles individuals to:

  • Request and receive a copy of any information Twominds Entertainment Limited holds about the individual;

  • Request the correction of any personal information Twominds Entertainment Limited holds about the individual; and

  • Withdraw consent previously provided.

Attendees or Other Person must contact to request copies of personal information or to request that personal information be corrected.

To withdraw consent or for more information regarding this Privacy Policy, contact

Social Media Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

  • For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, "The Promoter" refers to Twominds Festival whose Instagram & Facebook handle is @twomindsfestival. The "Prize" refers to:

  • 4x Festival Tickets

  • 4x $100 vouchers at the festival (to spent on food/drink vendors at the event)

  • 1x Tourist Flat Accommodation

  • 4x Items of Twominds Apparel of your choice

  • 4x Voucher to He Puna Taimoana (hot pools)

  • 4x Transport to & from the festival (Transport includes ground vehicle transport for 4 people. Transport is from a Christchurch location to the Twominds Festival site, Spencer Beach Holiday Park).

  • By entering the competition you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. All entries must be received by 12:00pm on 16/12/22. One (1) winner in New Zealand will be selected at random by The Promoter on 16/12/22 and the winner will be notified on or after this date.

  • The Promotors competitions with entry via Instagram and/or Facebook are open only to residents of New Zealand. One (1) winner will be chosen at random from all entrants and across all platforms.

  • No purchase necessary. Winners will not be required to pay to enter the competition.

  • Entrants must be over 18 years old on the date of their entry.

  • Employees of The Promoter are not eligible to enter.

  • Instagram or Facebook are not in any way affiliated or involved in the competition.

  • Each entrant shall enter the competition via Instagram and/or Facebook by tagging another Instagram and/or Facebook user in the comments of the specified post by @Twomindsfestival and following this Instagram/Facebook profile.

  • The Prize will be awarded to a randomly selected winner who has entered, using a random comment selector. Bonus entries for those that shared the post have been accounted for in the selection process. The Promoter will not be held liable if the named prize becomes unavailable or cannot be fulfilled.

  • The Promoter will not be held liable for any failure of receipt of entries. The Promoter takes no responsibility for any entries which are lost, delayed, illegible, corrupted, damaged, incomplete or otherwise invalid.

  • To the extent permitted by applicable law, The Promoter’s liability under or in connection with the competition or these terms and conditions shall be limited to the cost price of the Prize in question.

  • To the extent permitted by applicable law, The Promoter shall not be liable under or in connection with these terms and conditions, the competition or any Prize for any indirect, special or consequential cost, expense, loss or damage suffered by a participant even if such cost, expense, loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable or might reasonably have been contemplated by the participant and the promoter and whether arising from breach of contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

  • Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable. No cash alternative is available. Where a Prize becomes unavailable for any reason, the promoter reserves the right to substitute that prize for a prize of equal or higher value.

  • The name, address, email address and phone number of the winner must be provided to The Promoter if requested and will be shared to enable fulfillment of the Prize.​

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond The Promoter’s reasonable control, the promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or these terms and conditions, either in whole or in part, with or without notice.

  • The Promoter's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

  • The winner’s name and social media username may be posted on the social media profiles of The Promoter after the winner has been selected.

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